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Chimay Ale



Go to the store and pick up Chimay Ale, it is a must try.  Here in Southern California, you can find them at Ralph’s grocery store, which leads me to believe you can find them at any respectable supermarket.  I happened to buy the Chimay Ale White, which is their triple fermented ale. Chimay is one of the largest importers of Belgian Ales, but don’t expect great complexity; only a nice approachable Belgium triple. Make sure you use the correct chalice while drinking this as it does affect the nose, and that affects the taste.  This is an oversized example so that you don’t strain your eyes.  If you don’t have a chalice, then a red wine glass would be the best substitute. 

While you taste think: spice, clove and fruit.


  1. Ricker | Sunday, June 8, 2008

    I can still remember my first Chimay at the Flying Saucer off Lower Greenville ave in Dallas. I have had several since then. Great beer! When you going to review the High Gravity 311!

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